A private blockchain running for two years runs find on Parity 2.3.9. When upgrading a node to 2.4, sync stops. Peers are still strong (25) but block import repeats at Block X where Block X is the last block after the upgrade.

Please tell me if you see something that should not be in the chain spec, or something that should be and is not:

"engine": {
        "Ethash": {
            "params": {
                "minimumDifficulty": "0x020000",
                "difficultyBoundDivisor": "0x400",
                "metropolisDifficultyIncrementDivisor": "0xA",
                "blockReward": "0x4563918244F40000",
                "homesteadTransition": "0",
                "difficultyHardforkTransition": "0xC55F7BC23038E38",
                "difficultyHardforkBoundDivisor": "0x800",
                "bombDefuseTransition": "0",
                "eip100bTransition": 0
    "params": {
        "gasLimitBoundDivisor": "0x0400",
        "registrar" : "<witheld>",
        "accountStartNonce": "<witheld>",
        "maximumExtraDataSize": "0x20",
        "minGasLimit": "0x1388",
        "networkID": "<witheld>",
        "subprotocolName": "<witheld>",
        "eip140Transition": 0,
        "eip150Transition": 0,
        "eip155Transition": 0,
        "eip160Transition": 0,
        "maxCodeSizeTransition": 0,
        "eip161abcTransition": 0,
        "eip161dTransition": 0,
        "eip211Transition": 0,
        "eip214Transition": 0,
        "eip658Transition": "1104000",
        "eip1283Transition": "1104000",
        "eip145Transition": "1115000",
        "eip1052Transition": "1115000",
        "eip1014Transition": "1115000"

Upgrading the one worker to 2.4.x seems fine, worker mines blocks and increases but now all nodes do not sync with worker, doesn't matter if they upgrade to 2.4.x.

If worker downgrades to 2.3.9, it continues to mine from top block from when it was on 2.4.x and now all nodes running 2.3.9 sync from this block again, but 2.4.x nodes have the same problem.

  • I am not sure at all, but can it be caused by a modification is some mining algorithm ? – Florian Castelain Jan 24 at 10:47

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