i want to make crypto to crypto smart contract where i need to sell erc20 token and on buyer side i need to calculate the price which i have to send to seller and i have a price of token can you please describe the calculation.below is my function.

function buyToken(uint256 _tradeId, address token, uint256 _quantity, uint256 _tokenPrice) external {

   uint256 quantity = _quantity * (10 ** ERC20Interface(token).decimals);
   uint256 amount = quantity * _tokenPrice;

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Since the resolution of ether is 18 decimals, but the resolution of an ERC20-token is not necessarily the same, you can use this:

uint256 amount;
uint8 decimals = ERC20Interface(token).decimals;
if (decimals > 18)
    amount = _quantity * _tokenPrice / 10 ** (decimals - 18);
    amount = _quantity * _tokenPrice * 10 ** (18 - decimals);

Be sure to replace the * operations with SafeMath.mul.


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