I am trying to run a test and I am getting the following message;

enter image description here

I have tried the following;

npm install scrypt

npm install web3

as to solve the yellow message and when running truffle test truffle get's stuck and no test are shown...

This is the test code;

var TtdmToken = artifacts.require("./TtdmToken.sol");

contract('TtdmToken', function(accounts) {

    it'sets the total supply upon deployment', function() {
    return TtdmToken.deployed().then()function(instance) {
    }).then(function(totalSupply) {
        assert.equal(totalSupply.toNumber(), 100000,'sets the total supply to 1,000,000');

What might be causing the issue as it gets stuck with truffle test but other commands works but the yellow message keeps on showing...

  • Are you running ganache-cli concurrently? – goodvibration Jan 15 at 4:24
  • Yes it is, and I made sure to create different workplaces to help better to track the issues. – Lucas Jan 15 at 19:43

Looks like you have some syntax errors (also that test is checking the total supply, not setting it), please try the following:

contract('TtdmToken', (accounts) => {
  it('Checks whether or not the total supply is equal to 1,000,000', () =>
    .then(tokenInstance => tokenInstance.totalSupply())
    .then((totalSupply) => {
        'Total supply was not equal to 1,000,000'
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  • That does not explain the truffle get's stuck and no test are shown part though. – goodvibration Jan 15 at 11:25
  • The first that came in mind as it is not loading the tests so I though it might be related... – Lucas Jan 15 at 19:44
  • Thanks for the coding suggestions, but the test still not going through, it kind of freezes until I ctrl-z. I – Lucas Jan 15 at 19:53

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