I am running custom setup 4 node Quorum raft cluster, nodes 1 and 2 startup but 3 and 4 fail. what is the problem here? my startup script:

ARGS="--nodiscover --verbosity 5 --networkid 1337 --raft --rpc --rpccorsdomain=* --rpcvhosts=* --rpcaddr --rpcapi admin,db,eth,debug,miner,net,shh,txpool,personal,web3,quorum,raft --emitcheckpoints"

#Starting Node1
echo ${ARGS}
PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore nohup ./geth --datadir qdata/c1 ${ARGS} --rpcport 22000 --port 23000 --raftport 21000 --ipcpath "qdata/c1/tm.ipc" >> node1.log 2>&1 &
#Starting Node2
PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore nohup ./geth --datadir qdata/c2 ${ARGS} --rpcport 22001 --port 23001 --raftport 21001 --ipcpath "qdata/c2/tm.ipc" >> node2.log 2>&1 &
#Starting Node3
PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore nohup ./geth --datadir qdata/c3 ${ARGS} --rpcport 22002 --port 23002 --raftport 21002 --ipcpath "qdata/c3/tm.ipc" >> node3.log 2>&1 &
#Starting Node4
PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore nohup ./geth --datadir qdata/c4 ${ARGS} --rpcport 22003 --port 23003 --raftport 21003 --ipcpath "qdata/c4/tm.ipc" >> node4.log 2>&1 &

Here is the error I get

DEBUG[01-10|23:14:55.554] HTTP registered                          namespace=net
DEBUG[01-10|23:14:55.554] HTTP registered                          namespace=raft
INFO [01-10|23:14:55.554] HTTP endpoint opened                     url= cors=* vhosts=*
TRACE[01-10|23:14:55.556] connection set up                        id=c14980c8aa25bcea addr= conn=inbound inbound=true
Fatal: first index of committed entry[2] should <= appliedIndex[0] + 1
TRACE[01-10|23:14:55.556] Starting protocol eth/63                 id=c14980c8aa25bcea conn=inbound

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