I am using node v12.13.1, [email protected] and ubuntu 18.04 and running the test using documentation of async/await.


This is my test code:

const DappTokenSale = artifacts.require("DappTokenSale");
const DappToken = artifacts.require("DappToken");

contract("DappToken", async accounts => {
    let dapptokenInstance = await DappToken.deployed();
    let dapptokenSale = await DappTokenSale.deployed();
    let admin = accounts[0]
    let buyer = accounts[1]
    let tokenPrice = 1000000000000000; //wei (0.001 ether)
    // 3. Set the token available for sale
    let tokensAvailable = 750000;
    let numberOfTokens;
    it("Token buying", async() => {
        let dapptokenInstance = await DappToken.deployed();
        console.log(dapptokenInstance.address, "hello")



But there is no console.logs (e.g. console.log(admin)) when I run the tests.

enter image description here

  • try making changes to your contract. may be add a comment. If there is no change it will not recompile and hence redeploy.
    – Sanjay S B
    Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 8:47
  • Its compiling, but there is no console.log, says 0 passing Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 8:56
  • that is the tests result. what command are you entering?
    – Sanjay S B
    Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 8:59
  • truffle test, also truffle test ./test/testfile.js. Both are giving the same results Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 9:01
  • I see no obvious issue with your code. I tried with a local project and it works as expected. The problem might be somewhere else. Perhaps in the migration scripts, a bad truffle version, a dependency. Are you testing against ganache or a private blockchain? You might try forcing to recompile the contracts truffle compile --all.
    – Ismael
    Commented Jan 10, 2020 at 20:08

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please try this:

contract("DappToken", function(accounts) {
    it("Token buying", function() {
        return DappToken.deployed().then(function (instance) {
            console.log(instance, 'instance');

This is my example in other smart contract, where the tests are running smoothly:

contract("CarData", function(accounts) {
    //setting up the account[1] will lead to revert, because account[1] is not allowed to call the method
    it('should revert the transaction of insertCarData when the from parameter is not the owner of the contract', function() {
        return CarData.deployed()
        .then(function (instance) {
            return instance.insertCarData("BG1234566", 1529767983, 1529767983, 1529767983, "1994", "Bulgaria", "Red", {from: accounts[0]});

It might be possible that console.logs are not showing when running the tests. Please try to run some method of your smart contract.

  • 2
    Ya, this method working fine, I have already tested. But not the async/await as given in documentation Commented Jan 9, 2020 at 9:07

This code works perfectly fine:

const DappTokenSale = artifacts.require("DappTokenSale")
const DappToken = artifacts.require("DappToken")

contract("DappToken", async accounts => {
  let admin
  let buyer
  let tokenPrice = 1000000000000000 //wei (0.001 ether)
  // 3. Set the token available for sale
  let tokensAvailable = 750000
  let numberOfTokens
  it("Token buying", async () => {
    admin = accounts[0]
    buyer = accounts[1]
    console.log(admin, "Admin")
    console.log(buyer, "buyer")

    let dapptokenInstance = await DappToken.deployed()
    let dapptokenSale = await DappTokenSale.deployed()
    console.log(dapptokenInstance.address, "Token address")
    console.log(dapptokenSale.address, "Token Sale address")

Seems one shouldn't include await DappToken.deployed() within the main outer contract function.

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