I am interacting with a contract on the Rinkeby testnet using web3.js (version 0.20.7) with Metamask and the chrome console.

I setup a contract object called mycontract for a given ABI and address. When I set the web3 provider for this contract using mycontract.setProvider(web3.givenProvider) I get an error saying that mycontract.setProvider is not a function.

See below the js code deployed in the chrome console:

> const mycontract = web3.eth.contract(ABI, Address);
> mycontract.setProvider(web3.givenProvider);
< VM212:1 Uncaught TypeError: simpleStorage.setProvider is not a function
    at <anonymous>:1:15

I suppose this may be due to the fact that the mycontract.setProvider(web3.givenProvider) command is for web3.js version 1.0 and above. However, if it is the case, I could not find info about what command I should use with web3.js 0.20.7.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

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    Please console.log(web3.version) inside your code and report back with the result. Jan 6, 2020 at 12:12
  • Here is what I am getting: > console.log(web3.version) > {api: "0.20.7", getNode: ƒ, getNetwork: ƒ, …} VM288:1 So as expected it seems to be the version 0.20.7 of web3.js. Do you know what should I do to execute the code described in my post above? Thanks
    – user32379
    Jan 7, 2020 at 11:18

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> const mycontract = web3.eth.contract(ABI, Address);

Indicates a problem in web3.eth.contract(ABI, Address), right?

You've printed web3.version and got 0.20.7, right?

So now you need to open the documentation of web3.js v0.x, and check again what it says about web3.eth.contract (right?).

If you open it (here), then you can understand from the coding example that instead of doing this:

const mycontract = web3.eth.contract(ABI, Address);

You should be doing this:

const mycontract = web3.eth.contract(ABI).at(Address);
  • Thank you for your help and the link to the example. I followed the example closely and could resolve my problems.FYI to set the web3 provider I did web3.setProvider(web3.currentProvider) (instead of mycontract.setProvider(web3.givenProvider)) and it worked.
    – user32379
    Jan 9, 2020 at 11:43

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