I have to analyse some static Analysis tools against well documented vulnerabilities. My questions are ;

  1. Can we use the provided sample contracts (in above link) directly or not ?
  2. If not, then where should I can find such real vulnerable contracts?
  3. If i want to download previously attacked smart contracts (i.e. DAO, parity, etc.), are they still available to test by open source static tools or not ?
  4. The list of vulnerabilities in above link is completed/updated or not , in term of exposed/known vulnerabilities till today?

Any useful suggestion toward performing and contributing in static analysis domain , will be appreciated !

  • There are several separated questions here, each of which sounds like something which requires quite a bit of Googling. You're asking for a useful suggestion, so this is essentially my suggestion to you - most of the information that you're asking for can be found on Google, so Google each one of those issues, gather most of the information and come back with a (single) more specific question for each issue. I am suggesting this, because you are otherwise asking others to do the preliminary research described above for you. – goodvibration Dec 29 '19 at 6:33
  • thanks, for suggestion... Although i have google little bit.. again i will try to find some more information... BTW. I think, some of questions can be answered directly without doing preliminary research (if someone has knowledge)... – Amir Ali Dec 29 '19 at 6:40

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