I'm using the go-ethereum code (mainly discover (discv4) and rlpx) to write a node discovery tool.

The Programm is using discv4 to discover nodes on the internet and putting the discovered nodes into a que.

A different subroutine then pulls a node from the que and does the hole handshake thing to pass the "HELLO (0x00)" Message. So I get the Capabilities, Name of the Software that the Node is running, OS, ... .

Now I would like distinguish if node is actually a ETH or ETC node. How can I do that?

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Unfortunately there is no way to differentiate between ETH & ETC peers at the P2P layer due to the fact that most client implement eth/63, which would defines STATUS 0x00 as

[protocolVersion: P, networkId: P, td: P, bestHash: B_32, genesisHash: B_32]

As ETC / ETH have identical genesis hashes and network IDs, it would be impossible to tell them apart from the ENR / Handshakes

EIP-2124 attempts to resolve this by introducing "ForkID" into the STATUS 0x00. This is only implemented in Geth (see HERE, and most ETC nodes would not be sending this packet.

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