I have created a genesis block and initialized it in the private network. Account creation is also successful. As soon as I hit miner.start() [or miner.start(1)], the following appears:

INFO [12-20|12:49:24.958] New local node record seq=6 id=cfffe86baf054a73 ip= udp=11567 tcp=4321 INFO [12-20|12:49:33.299] Updated mining threads threads=4 INFO [12-20|12:49:33.299] Transaction pool price threshold updated price=1000000000 INFO [12-20|12:49:33.300] Commit new mining work number=1 sealhash=12a617…a2a645 uncles=0 txs=0 gas=0 fees=0 elapsed=729.339µs

After this, the machine stops responding altogether. It is not generating DAG and nor is it mining any ethers.

Stuck at a dead end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Does your machine have enough resources to run geth ? – Florian Castelain Dec 20 '19 at 12:21
  • I have 4 GB of RAM and I am executing it on Ubuntu 18.04.1. Based on the material I read online, it should work fine. – just_curious Dec 21 '19 at 5:16

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