I have a proxy smart contract and I would like to get the name of the called method in the fallback function. Is there a way?

For example, if I call the function getName() (stored in the logic contract), then in the fallback function (of the proxy contract) I would like to get the invoked function name, in this case getName.

contract Proxy {
  function () payable external {
    /* I would like to get here the name of the invoked function */

  function _fallback() internal {

  function _implementation() internal view returns (address);

  function _delegate(address implementation) internal { ... }

  function _willFallback() internal { }

Please, check here the full code of the proxy smart contract

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Full name of the function being called is not passed to the smart contract, but only the first 4 bytes of the hash of function signature. These 4 bytes you can obtain as msg.sig. See documentation for details.

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