When i write miner.start() on my testnet geth node, it shows Starting mining operation (CPU=4 TOT=6). What is the meaning of "CPU = 4 , TOT =6" and what does the changing value of these parameter signify?


The first part of the message, CPU=4, states that you are mining with 4 CPU threads.

When you execute the miner.start() command, geth will start mining with the maximum number of CPU threads you have installed on your computer.

You can also specify miner.start({n}), where geth will only start {n} threads, e.g., miner.start(1).

The second part of the message, TOT=6, is the number of worker agents that geth starts.

Here is the code that emits the message from go-ethereum/miner/miner.go, lines 102 to 124:

func (self *Miner) Start(coinbase common.Address, threads int) {
    atomic.StoreInt32(&self.shouldStart, 1)
    self.threads = threads
    self.worker.coinbase = coinbase
    self.coinbase = coinbase

    if atomic.LoadInt32(&self.canStart) == 0 {
        glog.V(logger.Info).Infoln("Can not start mining operation due to network sync (starts when finished)")

    atomic.StoreInt32(&self.mining, 1)

    for i := 0; i < threads; i++ {
        self.worker.register(NewCpuAgent(i, self.pow))

    glog.V(logger.Info).Infof("Starting mining operation (CPU=%d TOT=%d)\n", threads, len(self.worker.agents))


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