Several places say insecure unlock is poor practice.

Yet this module I am learning implements it.

Where can I find a way to Deploy an account without insecure unlock

Here is repository with files I am working with, i.e. deploy.js, etc, https://github.com/ArtieLadie/no_unlock

Here is screenshot from Pluralsight

By the way, I tried doing sudo geth attach --allow-insecure-unlock (and other variations) for learning sake, but that also doesn't work!

enter image description here


Rather than unlocking an account, signing specific transactions is generally a better and more secure way to handle this. There are multiple ways to do this depending on the library you are using. Below are a few examples:


With web3.js you can create a raw transaction and then sign the raw transaction with the account's private key and send it to the network:

Ether Transaction


Contract Example



Ether Transaction

Create a wallet using a private key and a transaction - by defining the . Send the transaction


Contract Call

With ethers you can create a contract object and connect it with a wallet object. The wallet object contains an address and a private key - so transactions sent from this connected contract object will be signed by that wallet that had been logged into

see 'Calling a Non-Constant Method' here: https://docs.ethers.io/ethers.js/html/api-contract.html#connecting-to-existing-contracts

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