Somebody please tell me what is a Ether Wallet?

I got the following answer:

A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to manage bitcoin and ether.

Is it like a account?



The term "wallet" can be used in many different ways, but most commonly it is used to refer to interface or application to manage an account or address, such as MyCrypto or MetaMask. With a wallet, you can generate a private key (or mnemonic phrase, keystore file, etc.), and use the software to send transactions and sign messages.

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I recommend checking out the book "Mastering Bitcoin", specifically Chapter 5to learn more about wallets:

The word "wallet" is used to describe a few different things in bitcoin.

At a high level, a wallet is an application that serves as the primary user interface. The wallet controls access to a user’s money, managing keys and addresses, tracking the balance, and creating and signing transactions.

More narrowly, from a programmer’s perspective, the word "wallet" refers to the data structure used to store and manage a user’s keys.

You can hold different accounts in a wallet. Some even allow different types of ERC20 tokens, or different cryptocurrencies. Another good way to learn about wallets is to download one and try it out. MetaMask can be installed in the browser, and you can get some test Ether at a faucet like this one.

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