In geth doc I found this :

  --txpool.globalslots value          Maximum number of executable transaction slots for all accounts (default: 4096)
  --txpool.accountqueue value         Maximum number of non-executable transaction slots permitted per account (default: 64)

But I didn't understand the meaning of "executable transaction" and "non-executable transaction"


Each ABAP program has a program type which must be determined in the program attributes when the program is created.

There are seven program types from which you can choose: executable program, module pool, function group, class pool, interface pool, subroutine pool, and include program.

All the SAP ABAP Program used name Standard, like Program name SAPM*** Dialog programming and R***** Report programming.

Execute via Transaction code

MK03 : Display vendor Purchasing (SAPMF02K) Dialog programming

ML41 : Display Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A) Dialog programming

ML35 : Display Vendor Conditions (SAPMV13A) Dialog programming

MM03 : Display Material & (SAPMMG01) Dialog programming

MIGO : Goods Movement (SAPLMIGO) FunctionPool

MIRO : Enter Incoming Invoice (SAPLMR1M) FunctionPool

Executable Program

ML81 : Maintain Service Entry Sheet (RM11RL00) Report programming

MM60 : Materials List (RMMVRZ00) Report programming

MKVZ : List of Vendors: Purchasing (RMKKVZ00) Report programming

MB51 : Material Doc. List (RM07DOCS) Report programming

The transaction code is a twenty-character name which is assigned to a screen or a method of an ABAP program and is used for program execution. To execute a program, you either enter the transaction code in the input field of the standard toolbar or use the statements CALL TRANSACTION or LEAVE TO TRANSACTION. Transaction codes linked to screens are valid for executable programs, module pools and function groups. Transaction codes linked to methods are allowed for all program types except include programs

Executable Programs

You create executable programs directly using the tool called ABAP Editor. Executable programs can contain all processing blocks supported in ABAP, with the exception of function modules, and as many local classes as required. Executable programs are only started with the SUBMIT statement. Although NetWeaver AS ABAP offers several ways to call executable programs by entering their name on the screen, the system still executes the SUBMIT statement in the background.

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