I am calling geth rpc method eth_getStorageAt using json-rpc-cpp libarary. I need to know the parameters' names for the method. I can find parameters' names for eth_sendTransaction from here, which includes "from", "to" and so on. My questions is where to find the similiar ones for eth_getStorageAt, thanks.


Presumably here.

Have a look at the examples in that link. You don't need to create an object that includes the keys of the parameters' names.


Returns the value from a storage position at a given address.

 * DATA, 20 Bytes - address of the storage.
 * QUANTITY - integer of the position in the storage.
 * QUANTITY|TAG - integer block number, or the string "latest", "earliest" or "pending", see the default block parameter


DATA - the value at this storage position.

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