I have a user, Contract A, and Contract B. I want user to call a function A of Contract A, that function executes function B from Contract B, which sends ether from Contract B to Contract A.

Here is my test:

let eco_fac = await ECOFactory.deployed()
let buyer = accounts[1]
let eco_address = await eco_fac.getEco(buyer)
let _eco = await ECO.at(eco_address)
let fund_or_exercise = await _eco.exercise({from: buyer})

Here is my exercise function of Contract A:

def exercise() -> bool:
    if(msg.sender == self.seller):
        log.Error('Exercise Call must be from Buyer')
        return False
    if(msg.sender == self.buyer):
        This is where cash dispersement is handled.
        ECO tx -> Vendor: withdraw(strike amount)
        ECO tx -> Vendee: deposit(strike amount)
        ECO tx -> Vendee: withdraw(spot amount)
        ECO tx -> Vendor: deposit(spot amount)
        ECO deactivated and completed
        return True
        val: wei_value = as_wei_value(1, 'ether')
        log.Exercise(self.buyer, self, True)
        self.vendor.withdraw(self.vendor, val)

        return self.vendor.authorizedEco(self.vendor, self)
        log.Error('Exercise attempt returns False')
        return False

Here is my withdraw function of Contract B:

def withdraw(addr: address, amount: wei_value) -> bool:
    if(amount > self.balance):
        log.Error('Exceeds balance')
        return False
        log.AccountWithdrawal(addr, addr, amount, True)
        log.Error('Authorized, continue to withdraw')
        send(msg.sender, amount)
        return True
    log.Error('Withdraw Unsuccessful, User Unauthorized')
    return False

My code executes correctly into the


code block, but when I call send(msg.sender, amount) is when I get a VM exception revert. The withdraw function works for everything but the Contract A address it seems. Not sure how to work this out.

In the exercise function I can do this:

send(self.vendor, val) 

and it will still revert.

  • Does your contract have a fallback function? Default function in vyper parlance vyper.readthedocs.io/en/v0.1.0-beta.13/…. – Ismael Nov 9 at 22:41
  • @Ismael yes, both contracts have the default fallback function – isomotic Nov 9 at 22:43
  • @Ismael maybe I need to increase the gas stipend? If so, how can I do that? – isomotic Nov 9 at 22:49
  • They mention you have to use call in the documentation. It appears it refers to raw_call. Also I suggest to read Consensys report about vyper security issues diligence.consensys.net/blog/2019/10/…. – Ismael Nov 10 at 3:45
  • 1
    @Ismael Thank you for linking that, I'll take a look at it. I found my solution: don't use account contract proxies. My workaround is just letting the users withdraw unclaimed balances from the ECO contract. – isomotic Nov 10 at 4:01

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