I want to do functions involving a few specific addresses. They are defined as such at the top of the contract :

 address lockaddress = 0x36667BCBBE6574520fba783410beB6C0AfDE5043; //replace with real lockaddress 
address companyaddress = 0x49CcAF0ca6afd79Be35b908b34431b553cF21e9b; //replace with real companyaddress 
address team1 = 0xdE6B5637C4533a50a9c38D97CDCBDEe129fd966D; //replace with jeffs address or whoever deploys the contract

They are then called in this function.

function UnlockLocked () public {
 if (LockTime1 + 730 days <= now) { 
   if (address(msg.sender) == team1) {
       _balances(address(lockaddress)) = 
       _balances(address(team1)) = _balances(address(team1)).add(45000000000000000000000000);
       emit Transfer (address(lockaddress), team1, 45000000000000000000000000);
   else {

  else {


The error seems to revolve around _balances, which is defined as such

  mapping (address => uint256) private _balances;

I get errors such as :

TypeError: Type is not callable
TypeError: Expression has to be an lvalue.

Is it actually possible to create functions using specific set addresses? If so, how can I fix these errors?


If you defined _balances as follows:

mapping (address => uint256) private _balances; 

then you should use this variable as _balances[theAddress] not with parenthesis.

You can also define a function to get the balance of an account, but you should use _balances in this function:

function getBalance(address x) private view returns(uint) {
  return _balances[x];

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