TlDr; Can you use the transaction hash to confirm the integrity of the data components of a transaction (post data, addresses, nonce, etc).

In my application, I have a connection to the Ethereum blockchain via third party, so I am subject to man in the middle attack.

I have an arbitrary transaction hash, I send it to a third party API like Infura.io which then returns all known info about the transaction, such as the timestamp, block number, post data, timestamp, addresses, etc.

I am reading the 'post data' of a transaction I receive from Infura.io, I have the transaction hash, is there any way I can validate all of the info they returned in conjunction with the hash itself? I'm assuming it's a hash based on variables such as the post data, nonce, addresses, etc.

Can I work from the post data itself to arrive at some hash that will match the transaction hash, thus confirming the validity of the post data the third party returned to me for said txn hash?

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