New ERC1155 standard which is thought to be an improved version of ERC721 and ERC20.
But I see many projects still prefer ERC20 or ERC721 standards.
If so, do you know any projects implementing ERC1155? If so, do you know why did they implement that standard?

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Relative adoption is partly down to the fact that the other two are legacy systems that have been in the consciousness of the blockchain community a lot longer. Partly it could also be down to some projects not requiring the richer set of features that ERC-1155 offers.

For a token standard that's only been confirmed since mid-June, ERC-1155 has some pretty good traction already though (in my opinion, of course).

It's officially supported by major projects like 0x and Gnosis.

Probably fair to say though that thus far, the bulk of adoption is from games and gaming projects.


ERC-1155 is more about bringing regular videogames onto the blockchain, than about powering crypto-games, where earning cryptocurrency is the primary consideration of game mechanics and gameplay(and where legacy standards like 721 may still hold sway).

Horizon Games (developers of Skyweaver), and Pixowl (developers of The Sandbox) helped co-create the standard along with the team from Enjin, who have brought a whole bunch of other games onboard adoption-wise.

In terms of Enjin-based ERC-1155s, there's a good 30+ of them in development right now that have officially partnered with Enjin, across a variety of gaming genres. Cool ones to check out might be Age of Rust, Dissolution, 9 Lives Arena, Space Misfits, and Forgotten Artifacts.

I've also seen some gaming properties out there featuring (and promoting) ERC-1155 integration that haven't got any official links with Enjin, including Cryptonoms, Etherlegends, and Arena Match Gold (an eSports platform).


There's also some non-gaming application of the ERC-1155 standard, even if it doesn't get quite as much attention right now. It can be used to tokenise a variety of things that can be portrayed digitally, from trophies, to charitable donations, to reward programs, to discount vouchers, to concert tickets.

GDAC and Kriptomat have used it to both gameify the exchange experience and power loyalty programs.

Beyond Horizon and Reewardio exist to foster creation and adoption of ERC-1155 solutions in the retail space.

ERC-1155 tokens have been used to both attract and enhance charitable donations for the SENS Foundation (a favourite of Vitalik), Stack Up, and GameChanger.

One thing to bear in mind about current adoption levels is that most of the tools Enjin have built to help simplify the process of ERC-1155 token creation for non-blockchain audiences are still on testnet, meaning there's a limit to how much tangible adoption can actually happen right now. Once the blockchain SDKs and plugins go live on the Ethereum mainnet, we should start seeing a lot more adoption, since pretty much anyone will be able to start using the token standard.

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