I have to access methods of one contract from another contract body. How can I realize that using just a address of first contract?

contract KittyShelter{
    address KittenRegistry;   //Here, KittenRegistry - is another contract

    constructor(address _KittenRegistry) public{
        KittenRegistry = _KittenRegistry;

    function storeKitty(uint256 catId, uint256 time) public{
    function retrieveKitty(uint256 catId) public{



Using address is a requirement

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  • Inside each one of these methods, verify that msg.sender is equal to that other contract's address. – goodvibration Oct 15 '19 at 12:55

In KittenRegistry contract first set address of KittyShelter contract. Then in the method, which you are calling from KittyShelter contract verify caller like: require(msg.sender == KittyShelter)

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