Is there an Ethereum test blockchain (similar to Ganache) which prioritises calculating transactions and creating a local blockchain 'db' as quickly as possible?

Requirements: - Calculate transactions (i.e. smart contract logic) as fast as possible (c++ or rust environments for speed maybe?) - Write to local db (i.e. create the 'blockchain') quickly; - Retain ability to make RPC calls/tx's/queries to this local Ethereum 'blockchain' quickly; - Strip away all PoW & difficulty calculations (no consensus mechanisms - the localhost is the only source of truth); - Strip away all p2p communication;

^^^ all with the aim of having a super super fast test environment (albeit with some features removed).

Ganache is fairly quick, but has computational overhead to simulate some aspects of a blockchain that I don't need. I want to prioritise getting smart contract calculations completed and added to the db as quickly as possible. E.g. push a transaction to do very computationally heavy smart contract calculations as fast as possible, and then be able to query this 'blockchain' as fast as possible. Nothing more.

Thanks :)

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You can use geth and set up private ethereum blockchain and get fast transactions as you mentioned and make quick RPC calls.

Hope this will help you.


You can use rinkeby or gorlier poa testnet, if it’s not fast enough you can run your own testnet with small block time, say, 1-2 seconds

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