I'm trying to estimate gas cost of a contract call, i need to send a string to a contract, but i need to see if i overtook the GAS limit.

I'm trying like this:

    Transaction t = Transaction.createContractTransaction(myAddress, BigInteger.valueOf(100), gasPrice, gasLimit, null, "0123456789");
    EthEstimateGas eg = web3j.ethEstimateGas(t).send();
    System.out.println("EstimateGas: " + eg.getAmountUsed().toByteArray());

But i receive the error:

Erro: org.web3j.exceptions.MessageDecodingException: Value must be in format 0x[1-9]+[0-9]* or 0x0


What you are doing is sending a message to the contract (which needs to be hex-encoded). In this case, you want the message to say 'execute function with the following params'.

Take a look at FunctionEncoder.encode that should give you what you need.

  • In this case, i need to put the hex on Transaction creation in my code example? – SkyWorker Oct 22 '19 at 13:56
  • Exactly, take the encoded output from the function encoder and pass it into the transaction. – Antony Denyer Oct 24 '19 at 8:46

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