I already built a smart contract for Ethereum Blockchain by using truffle to track the ownership of IoT devices; Now, I'm looking to connect my smart contract with the IoT environment (node) to detect the owner address and device specification automatically. I was focusing on Arduino and Raspberry-pi, but, I couldn't decide which one is fitting well with my project.

Configuration environment for my Ethereum Blockchain:

I’m using local web3 provider at truffle environment.

  • Truffle v5.0.27 (core: 5.0.27)
  • Solidity v0.5.0 (solc-js)
  • Node v10.15.3
  • Web3.js v1.0.0-beta.37
  • Ganache V2.1.1
  • Frontpage by HTML,CSS and JS

****Browser details**

  • OS: [Windows 10]

  • Browser [firefox, chrome]

  • MetaMask Version [7.0.1]

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I would go for the Arduino and here is why:

The Arduino is "easier" to connect to sensors or electronic components which will work great in the IoT environment. Arduino's work great for projects in which one must quickly obtain data from sensors and perform an activity from it. I assume an external oracle, such as the Arduino, will input this data into the Smart Contract.

Although the Raspberry-pi has a stronger and quicker processor, built in Ethernet (port), Wi-Fi and bluetooth, which is great for IoT, many of the other features are 'overkill' for what you are trying to accomplish. If you are using a platform such as Oraclize, the internet connection of the Pi might come in handy. If these functions are completely neccesary, it could just be added onto the Arduino as well and would most likely still be cheaper.

Hope this helps and keep us updated on this project.

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