I'm new on Ethereum blockchain and I'm working on deploy and using smart contract using truffle on my private blockchain.

I have followed exactly this guide https://www.trufflesuite.com/docs/truffle/getting-started/interacting-with-your-contracts

But every time i call getBalance() function

  truffle(develop)> let balance = await instance.getBalance(accounts[0])
  truffle(develop)> balance.toNumber()

I get the error: Returned values are not valid, did it run Out of Gas

So I added a simply smart contract getNumber() then return a simply integer (3) and I always get the same error.

But if I invoke sendCoin() function I don't get any error and i write correctly the transaction.

So i get the error any time i try to get values from blockchain.

Someone can help me?

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The result of a view (read-only) function in web3.js and ethjs are object-like types, with string keys for the integer positions of the return values.

If you stringified it, it would look like {'0': BN<some balance here>}

Try balance['0'].toNumber()

If your view functions return multiple values, it would look like

`{'0': val0, '1': val1, ... }`

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