I'm trying to build the frontend of a dApp, but the web3js makes my head hurt. I need to include it in my project, but the latest web3.min.js i can find is this. I want to use 1.2.1, and i understand that i need to bundle it together using browserify or something like that and then adding it as a js script. Do any of you guys know of a guide to explain how i bundle together web3?

many thanks.

  • You can npm install truffle, then have a look at the files cli.webpack.config.js, chain.bundled.js and cli.bundled.js (under /node_modules/truffle). They probably did pretty much what you need (only with web3.js v1.0.0.beta-37 if I remember correctly). Oct 3, 2019 at 17:26

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A minified version of the library is always in the dist/ folder in the git repo. Here's the file for version 1.2.1:


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