I'm new on Ethereum. I'm trying to deploy my first smart contract in my private blockchain but my function always returns 0. I wrote the simple Smart Contract:

pragma solidity^0.5.0;

contract helloNumber {
    int256 internal thisNumber;
    constructor() public {
        thisNumber = 4;

   function showNumber() external pure returns (int256) {
        return 4;  

I generated Abi and BIN with solc

 solcjs --bin helloNumber.sol
 solcjs --bin helloNumber.sol

result Bin


result ABI:


in my shell conneted to my private blockchain:

var contract = eth.contract(ABI)
var bytecode = '0xBIN'
var deploy = {from:eth.coinbase, data:bytecode, gas: 2000000}
var object= contract .new(deploy)

object.address //returns the hashcode of smart contract on private blockchain. 

object.showNumber() **//returns always 0.** 

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and sorry if it's a silly question but I'new in Ethereum. what am I doing wrong?


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Your Javascript code should be asynchronous (either with async/await, or using Promise objects), because both contract.new and object.showNumber return a Promise.

For example:

async function run() {
    var contract = eth.contract(ABI);
    var bytecode = '0xBIN';
    var deploy = {from: eth.coinbase, data: bytecode, gas: 2000000};
    var object = await contract.new(deploy);
    var n = await object.showNumber();

Then you can either call run() at the end of your script, or call await run() from some other async function.

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