As part of building managing nonce mechanism, we thinking about several approaches for issue tx from frontEnd without the need to wait till it mined before sending the next tx.

Is it possible to issue a tx without specifying nonce and then our nonce proxy service will fill the right nonce and post that tx to the network.

Endgame: our FrontEnd will issue the tx without having to be synced on nonces.

When the nonce's proxy will get the tx it will finalize it using the most updated nonces state manage there.

Does that approach or similar can be achieved?

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The nonce is signed as one of the tx members, otherwise Ethereum couldn't distinguish between two legitimate tx's with exactly the same arguments / contract / method call, versus a duplicate sent accidentally with a network retry.

Your front end doesn't need to wait for each tx to be mined before sending the next one. That would indeed be slow. If you interact with some dapps with metamask, for example, you can initiate multiple contract calls at once, then show spinner symbols or allow the user to continue navigating until the contracts are mined. However, the updated contract state from each tx wouldn't show up in your front end until it's been mined)

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