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Let's say I have three state variables in my contract

contract A {
    uint private x = 255;
    uint[] y; 
    uint z;

As I understand it, x will have index 0, y index 1 and z index 2? Is it that simple?

How many indexes there are?

Are there special indexes?

Does index point to a single storage cell holding one variable(irrespective of its size) or does it point to a cell with a limit(like 32 bytes)?

I'm just trying to access private state variables at contract addresses and have no idea how. I believe it's done through this app method. Thank you!

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An index will only retrieve a single storage slot which is 32 bytes.

y is a dynamically sized array, so it will not be at index 1.

The information you are looking for is:


Statically-sized variables (everything except mapping and dynamically-sized array types) are laid out contiguously in storage starting from position 0.


Due to their unpredictable size, mapping and dynamically-sized array types use a sha3 computation to find the starting position of the value or the array data. These starting positions are always full stack slots.

(stack should be storage in the docs.)

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