I am looking to get funding from the ECF Network for an Ethereum project. They ask for a PGP key under the apply form ("Please make sure you paste your pgp public key here: ", but nowhere on their website or online can I find what they mean (I know it is an encryption key...but to what?). I don't want to ask before I ask for funding because I don't want to risk losing any chance of receiving funding due to perceived incompetence. Can anyone help explain what is required here?

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    PGP means Pretty Good Privacy and it is a cryptographic software used for signing and encryption. There are open source implementations like GnuPG. Also it is optional to include a public PGP key: Attaching your pgp public key would also be nice. – Ismael Sep 23 '19 at 23:48
  • Thanks for the comment @Ismael. Okay, good to know. The question previously though asks "Please make sure you paste your pgp public key here: ". I suppose they said please, so it could be optional though... – Daniel Connelly Sep 24 '19 at 1:21

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