In Factories Improve Smart Contract Security, Steve Marx says that:

This bug was hand-picked to show the benefit, but this bug is representative of a large class of bugs around escrow. In my experience auditing smart contracts, this is one of the most common places to find critical vulnerabilities.

Is there a public repository for the "large class of bugs around escrow"?

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    You have the "Smart Contract Weakness Classification" registry smartcontractsecurity.github.io/SWC-registry – Ismael Sep 23 '19 at 23:56
  • @Paul so you actually want an answer from us to this question. Normally you are answering your great questions on your own. – Niklas Feurstein Sep 24 '19 at 10:52
  • @NiklasFeurstein Yes, isn't it better for everyone to post my questions & answers publicly? And (assuming "great" is sarcastic) I'm sorry if you find my content quality low, but given the fragility of smart contracts, I want to rule out the slightest of doubt I may have on any topic. – Paul Razvan Berg Sep 24 '19 at 11:12
  • Thanks @Ismael! – Paul Razvan Berg Sep 24 '19 at 11:13
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    No this isn't sarcastic at all. I really appreciate your anwers as they saved me a lot of trouble already. I was just confused that you post a question once which you can't answer immediately. – Niklas Feurstein Sep 24 '19 at 11:14

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