I have total token 99,999,999.99999457, It is 8 decimal, but when I do like below I get 99999999, I expected 99,999,999.99999457:

  const decimals = await this.contract.methods.decimals().call();
  const decimalsBN = this.web3.utils.toBN(decimals);
  const divisor = this.web3.utils.toBN(10).pow(decimalsBN);
  const balanceWei = await this.contract.methods.balanceOf(address).call();
  const balanceWeiBN = this.web3.utils.toBN(balanceWei);
  return balanceWeiBN.div(divisor).toString();

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From the official documentation of BN:

Note: decimals are not supported in this library.

Here, the term decimals refers to numeric values with digits after the decimal point (i.e., non-integers).

So in short, you'll need to npm install bignumber.js, and then in your script, the easiest way IMO:

const BigNumber = require("bignumber.js");
const balance = await this.contract.methods.balanceOf(address).call();
const decimals = await this.contract.methods.decimals().call();
const bn = new BigNumber(balance + "e-" + decimals);
return bn.toString();

This code works with web3 without adding any additional libraries for any value of decimals:

const balance = await contract.methods.balanceOf(address).call();
const decimals = await contract.methods.decimals().call();
const unit = Object.keys(web3.utils.unitMap).find(key => web3.utils.unitMap[key] === web3.utils.toBN(10).pow(web3.utils.toBN(decimals)).toString());
console.log( web3.utils.fromWei(balance, unit) );

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