I am new to solidity. I have a struct and an array of structs, like this:

struct Adopter{
    uint age;
    uint gender; // 0 woman, 1 man
    // maybe add an id field

Adopter[] adopters;

So, a person can adopt an animal only once. How do I keep adopters in such a way that I can check if the person already has adopted an animal? I can't search for a struct inside an array of structs and I can't create a mapping (struct => bool). There must be a simple way to achieve this.

  • You can just have bool adoptedPet in the struct. Commented Sep 21, 2019 at 1:25

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You can make a mapping of addresses to structs and include a boolean in the struct.

Be sure to check this pattern: https://medium.com/robhitchens/solidity-crud-part-1-824ffa69509a

Hope it helps.

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