I'm currently trying to call Etherscan's API eth_call to check data from a smart contract. To do that, I need to pass the function ABI code and data. However, the data I need is stored in a map and I'm not sure what code that would map to.

The contract in question is here with the variable being

mapping (address => bool) public sendAllowed;

However, by doing

Keccack ("sendAllowed(address)") = 2f0c92d385bd4391c0edec32b0ac39252f8a9ecbcfb630748ddb154a80318288

I got the ABI code of 0x2f0c92d3. Plugging that into the Etherscan API, I didn't get the proper data though:


jsonrpc: "2.0",
id: 1,
result: "0x"

(should return true)

What is the correct ABI code to use for the public getter / how do I properly call the Etherscan API to get the data?

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You got the function selector right (0x2f0c92d3), but you failed to correctly ABI encode the address parameter. It should be left-padded with zeros so that it's 32 bytes wide. Try this instead:


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