Is there any way to debug a Solidity smart contract with a GUI, like remix?

How can I do it for both testnets and mainnet?


I wrote an article about how to do just this!

You can use remixd and remix to test and debug your contracts with a GUI (remix). The steps to do this are:

  1. Install remixd with npm install -g remixd
  2. Run remixd with remixd -s <absolute-path> --remix-ide https://remix.ethereum.org
  3. Attach your project to remix.ethereum.org
  4. Run ganache-cli in the terminal with ganache-cli
  5. Choose “Web3 Provider” as your “Environment” in remix
  6. Test your code with a GUI (remix)

The article dives deeper into each step, but you should be able to achieve your goals with just those 6 steps!

How can I do it for both testnets and mainnet?

You can perform the same steps above on mainnet or a testnet by connected Remix to a node on one of those networks. When prompted with the "Environment" in remix, you would simply use a node on the desired network!

  • Hey, I would like to debug a transaction that has been confirmed on the blockchain. How can I do this? I have figured out how to load in a deployed smart contract, but can't figure out how to load in a mined transaction. Jun 30 at 12:35
  • Edit: I have figured out that you can enable a debug pane on the left by enabling the debugging plugin, however when I debug a transaction all sections say "no data available", and I can't debug anything. Jun 30 at 12:52

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