I know about tools like ganache-time-traveler that let you advance the block number.

But is it possible to go back to a lower value?

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The only option to do this is to use the takeSnapshot and revertToSnapshot functions in that same repo.

When you are at a state you know you want to return to, call takeSnapshot in order to get a snapshot ID. When you want to revert to that state, simply run revertToSnapshot with that specific ID.

As a note, the snapshotting function in Ganache was finicky the last time I used it (Feb 2019). There were certain limitations, such as not being able to take multiple snapshots before reverting to one. I do not know the current status of this.


The issues I was having with this feature are addressed in the "Custom Methods" section of the ganache-cli repo:

evm_snapshot : Snapshot the state of the blockchain at the current block. Takes no parameters. Returns the integer id of the snapshot created. A snapshot can only be used once. After a successful evm_revert, the same snapshot id cannot be used again. Consider creating a new snapshot after each evm_revert if you need to revert to the same point multiple times.

evm_revert : Revert the state of the blockchain to a previous snapshot. Takes a single parameter, which is the snapshot id to revert to. This deletes the given snapshot, as well as any snapshots taken after (Ex: reverting to id 0x1 will delete snapshots with ids 0x1, 0x2, etc... If no snapshot id is passed it will revert to the latest snapshot. Returns true.

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    I used this, but it doesn't seem to lower the block number. It just resets the timestamp. Sep 19, 2019 at 16:38
  • I wonder if that is a ganache-time-traveler specific thing? I do not see anything about it in the actual ganache-cli repo Sep 19, 2019 at 17:19

When using ganache-cli you can specify the block as a parameter of the fork option by adding @BLOCK_NUMBER postfix, eg. to set to block 1599200:

ganache-cli --fork http://localhost:8545@1599200

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