I had created wallet account using web3.eth.accounts.wallet.create(). Now I want to generate random seed for that address. So which method of web3js will be helpful?


You can use the bip39 npm package to generate your random mnemonic. Then using same package convert the mnemonic to seed and use ethereumjs-wallet. Or you can use the truffle's hdwalletprovider to use the mnemonic as such.

  • Thanks for the info but I want to use without npm package because I have to use it in Magento2 and in magento2 npm module conflicts with requireJs. So have you any other solutions or examples of it? – Adil Kadiyawala Sep 17 at 11:49
  • how did you install web3 js – Sanjay S B Sep 17 at 12:05
  • npm install web3 --save for npm and also I used directly cdn – Adil Kadiyawala Sep 18 at 9:04

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