I have the following code snippet:

pragma solidity ^0.5.1;
  contract Puzzle {
     address payable public owner ;
     bool public locked ;
     uint public reward ;
     bytes32 public diff ;
     bytes public solution ;

    constructor () public {
       owner = msg.sender ;
       reward = msg.value ;
       locked = false ;
       diff = bytes32 (11111); // pre - defined difficulty

I am getting the following error:

solc Puzzle_sha256.sol Puzzle_sha256.sol:14:12: Error: Explicit type conversion not allowed from "int_const 11111" to "bytes32". diff = bytes32 (11111); // pre - defined difficulty ^-------------^

Some body please guide me.


  • Why do you need to convert a number to string? Commented Sep 15, 2019 at 4:34

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First, convert int_const to uint256 then convert it to bytes32.

diff = bytes32 (uint256(11111));

and there is another problem with your contract.

You are using msg.sender and msg.value in your constructor. For that you need to mark your constructor as payable.

constructor() payable public

You could also convert int_const to uint256 using OpenZeppelin's SafeCast library and then convert to bytes32

diff = bytes32(SafeCast.toUint256(11111));


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