In JavaScript, there is "Math.abs":

enter image description here

Is there a similar function in solidity itself or some other popular library such as SafeMath?


It's a bit funny that the Solidity documentation hints about such a function abs (https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/v0.5.3/types.html) but I can't get it to compile at least in Remix. So I assume there is no such function and the documentation is just a bit off (wouldn't be the first time).

There are probably some libraries which contain that functionality but no idea which and where.

Anyway, it's easy to enough to implement it yourself - you gave the formula already :)

Note that you can't just cast int into uint and be done with it - it's not allowed. And even if it was, -1 should probably cast into Max(uint) - 1.

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