I'm using Truffle/Drizzle/MetaMask and calling methods with send() and using .then() and .catch() and I rely on getting the error message send to .catch() e.g.

    from: drizzle.web3.eth.accounts.givenProvider.selectedAddress
.then(() =>

    // do good stuff

.catch((error) => {

    const message = error.message;

    // display a nice message to the user


to do things like tell the difference between the user cancelling the transaction and throwing "User denied transaction signature" vs my contract throwing a revert message (and which one) or a nonce mismatch so I can display a more helpful message in the UI.

However, error.message no longer gives me anything, all I get is Internal JSON-RPC error. no matter what the error.

Is this a change in MetaMask or Web3? It was working the last time I worked on my DApp a month ago.

How do I tell the difference between user cancel vs a revert message vs nonce mismatch, and how do I read the revert message thrown by the contract?

  • Perhaps you were testing against ganache previously. – Ismael Sep 14 at 5:16

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