Unable to connect 2 nodes ,it was working fine . When i run the admin.addPeer("enode info of the 2 node") net.peerCount turns 1 for some time and returns 0 again . Any idea whats going wrong ?


Give more details about your setup such as:

  • how are you launching the geth instances?
  • are you using the same block chain (genesis block and network id) for both?
  • are you running the private test net locally?
  • if yes, only one can use the default port (30303). How are you launching the second instance of geth?
  • are you using an IPv4 address such as If yes change it to the loop back address ( but not localhost. The same goes if it's an external address (do not use a domain name).
  • what does the geth console say when you add the peer?

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