I have a problem, I successfully withdraw some ETC but when I tried another time to withdraw the rest I think I put in more ETC and I didn't receive anything and now when I try again to withdraw any amount it won't work, not even with 1 ETC. In mist appears like the transaction was successful but the coin never reached the exchange. Can someone please help me?

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I'm assuming you are sending your transactions from the hard-forked ETH chain, and your transactions are being replayed on the non-hard-forked ETC chain.

If this is the case, your problem is most likely due to the error transaction on the ETC chain causing the transaction nonce (see 1 and 2) to be out of sync between the two chains.

Subsequent transactions sent from the ETH chain would have the transaction nonce out of sequence and would therefore fail.

Here is an example:

Transaction ETH Nonce ETH Chain Status ETC Chain Status
----------- --------- ---------------- ---------------------------------
1           1         Success          Success              
2           2         Success          Success        
3           3         Success          Error Tx Value > Account Balance
4           4         Success          Error, expecting nonce #3
5           5         Success          Error, expecting nonce #3

If you want to execute a transaction on the ETC chain, you will have to start a node on the ETC chain and send your transaction from this node. The correct nonce will be used by your wallet software.

I've just set up a separate computer for to keep the ETH and ETC chain data separate. And use a conditional contract to make sure that your replayed transactions don't end up unexpectedly transferring amounts into incorrect accounts on the other chain.


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