I get the following error when passing (new BigNumber('2')).exponentiatedBy(100) big number value as uint256

Error: invalid BigNumber string value (arg="value", value="1.267650600228229401496703205376e+30", version=4.0.28)

I am using Truffle, but seems like a web3 issue? I'm not sure. Anyone seen this before. Wouldn't a valid uint256 go up to 2^255 ?


I'm not sure what BigNumber version you have installed as part of your project.

But Truffle exposes a global Web3 instance called web3, which exposes big-number functionality.


  • If you're using Truffle v4.x, then you may as well do web3.toBigNumber(2).pow(100).
  • If you're using Truffle v5.x, then you may as well do web3.utils.toBN(2).pow(100).
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  • Thanks let me try that – pizzarob Sep 9 '19 at 2:38

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