We know there is an option to add a block reward contract to incentivize authors of new block by using blockRewardContractAddress at chain engine specs.

Is it possible to add this property in the chain specs?

Considering that the chain is running for a long time without any block reward contract or any kind of block reward.

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Yes, you can. Just deploy the block reward contract as if you would do with any other smart contract and once the deployment succeeded, you can take the address and add it to the chain spec scheduling a hardfork to activate that contract:

"engine": {
  "authorityRound": {
    "params": {
      "blockRewardContractAddress": "0xCd3eB5B6A5a4DE398717a7309d31A6DA358976b1",
      "blockRewardContractTransition": 9876543

This would activate the contract at 0xCd3eB5B6A5a4DE398717a7309d31A6DA358976b1 on block 9_876_543.

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