I have deployed ERC20 with reference to

// File: openzeppelin- zos/contracts/token/ERC20/DetailedMintableToken.sol

I called the initialized function with owner, name, symbol and decimal value. Everything went fine as I verified the parameters after deploying in Rinkeby Network. But when I checked the contract in Explorer it just showed as a normal contract, I was expecting it to show as an ERC20 contract. for eg:

this is the contract I deployed ,without explorer detecting it as erc

this is the contract i deployed

and this is what i was expecting my contract to be displayed like

enter image description here

reference Rinkeby address1: 0x5238fFeAEdfc9481bd635B6E0e5eF3b05b19762a

reference Rinkeby address2: 0x6e00e5bd453a6a5cf6eaa9d91f29de981730edfc

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Etherscan will recognize your contract once it will log its first Transfer event. This is how it works. Though, even before the first Transfer event was logged, you may view your contract in token tracker: https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tokens?q=0x5238fFeAEdfc9481bd635B6E0e5eF3b05b19762a

  • The same is true for ERC-721 tokens. Sep 8, 2022 at 7:02

You need to send the tokens at least once first. Otherwise this will not work. Etherscan only recognises a contract as an token after its first Transfer event.

After sending the tokens once it should work perfectly!

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