Noob miner here,

Does anyone mining on Dwarfpool know if they have updated to the forked code (ETH), or are we still mining Ethereum classic (ETC)? I currently use Poloniex as my intermediary wallet and they launched the ETC as a separate wallet address.

If i am mining on dwarfpool and the account is pointing to my ETH wallet but we are mining ETC will I loose this mined ETH in the transfer process?

  • Your old Dwarfpool linked adress will bring new ETH in Poloniex. ETC got a new adress...
    – user3739
    Aug 3, 2016 at 15:51

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I mine with dwarfpool and they are on the latest Ethereum chain.

Dwarfpool will send ETH to your polx ETH wallet address.

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