Need guideline for send ETC coin using web3js,As per documented flow I understand we can access all methods same as ETH but I have query regarding set provider for ETC after that I can connect to ETC network and send transaction. Is there any public node url there for ETC? for any third-party which provides it as for ETH has https://Infura.io. Kindly guide regarding provider of ETC to use in Web3js.

Thank you in advance.


Is there any public node url there for ETC?

Yes, https://forum.saturn.network/t/how-to-add-ethereum-classic-network-to-metamask/4000

Custom URL: https://classic.blockscout.com 14 or https://ethereumclassic.network

Also, you can advise users to use Nifty wallet Chrome extension (github) with your dApp since it has native support of ETC:

enter image description here

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