i run migrate in the terminalbut it shows

Error: Truffle is currently using solc 0.5.8, but one or more of your contracts specify "pragma solidity ^0.4.27". Please update your truffle config or pragma statement(s). enter image description here

then i follow the error and update config it doesn't work what should i do thx

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    The error is self explanatory.. your contracts are based on an earlier version of solidity. I would advise downgrading your solc compiler or setting it a different version , – Samuel Dare Aug 25 at 20:59
  • there is no compiler version satisfying ^0.4.27 the latest 0.4.x compiler version is 0.4.26 and, btw, if you're using Ubuntu the config file should be named truffle.js – Igor Sobolev Aug 27 at 14:01

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