When I try to install web3 using 'npm install ethereum/web3.js --save' command, I get the following error messages-

npm ERR! path git 
npm ERR! code ENOENT 
npm ERR! errno ENOENT 
npm ERR! syscall spawn git 
npm ERR! enoent Error while executing: 
npm ERR! enoent undefined ls-remote -h -t ssh://git@github.com/ethereum/web3.js.git 
npm ERR! enoent 
npm ERR! enoent 
npm ERR! enoent spawn git ENOENT 
npm ERR! enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file. 
npm ERR! enoent
  • are you using a windows or linux? – Samuel Dare Aug 25 '19 at 21:13

Just use this:

npm install web3

You need to install git in your machine to have it working.

ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install git

Windows : here's the link to download it https://git-scm.com/download/win

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