In eip 1014 Vitalik added Create2 at opcode 0xf5

Adds a new opcode at 0xf5

But in ethereum yellow paper opcode i don't see opcode 0xf5 or any create2 opcode, it doesn't appear in https://www.ethervm.io/ either. But in https://github.com/crytic/evm-opcodes opcode 0xf5 create2 appears in it.

My question: why does ethereum yellow paper doesn't have anything about it, even they have add new opcode in 0xf5? Is it because they forget to add it?

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The yellow paper isn't maintained much anymore due to the high-level of academic experience needed to update it, as well as the moderate technical experience needed to interpret it. The Jellopaper is a much more up to date and readable resource, and includes the create2 opcode you reference.

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