I run a private Eth network with geth. I have two nodes on the network. I had these nodes connected over the last months. However, today when I try to connect one to the other I get an error:

err="Genesis block mismatch - 6231b02ac967dff9 (!= d4e56740f876aef8)"

When I display the hashes in geth they are also different:

1st machine:

> admin.nodeInfo.protocols.eth.genesis

2nd machine:

> admin.nodeInfo.protocols.eth.genesis

However, it is the same file (I copied it with scp). Also when I run

md5sum CustomGenesis.json

it will result in the same hash for both machines. Furthermore I start the nodes with the exact same settings (apart from the directory path). Might this be related to different geth versions (1.8 on machine 2 and 1.9 on machine 1) or to a recent crash of machine 1?

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    It might be that one node wasn't initialized properly. – Ismael Aug 23 '19 at 16:38
  • do you know how I can test for that? I use the exact same settings as I used the previous months when the machines were still synchronized. – Nik Aug 26 '19 at 8:39
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    From geth console execute eth.getBlock(0) should return the same genesis block. – Ismael Aug 26 '19 at 13:10
  • they show different blocks. The first machine shows the block from the genesis file, the other machine shows a completely different block – Nik Aug 27 '19 at 9:16
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    I removed the /chaindata and /lightchaindata folder from the machine with the wrong genesis block. Now it initialized correctly and is synchronizing. Thank you very much for your help! – Nik Aug 27 '19 at 9:29

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